Accident Assistance for your convenience:

Traffic Collision Reporting

Emergency Dial 911. Non Emergency Dial (918) 596-9222

Download Collision Report Form Below. All Divisions and most QT across Tulsa also have a hard copy of this collision form as well.

Download Accident Report

Download Accident Report

Online Report Filing

Collision Reports can also be submitted online through the use of our online reporting system.

Note: You do not need the white sheet and can begin by clicking the link below.

File Accident Report Online


    State law requires that vehicle drivers must immediately stop at the scene, render aid and exchange information when involved in a traffic collision.
    Obtain drivers license and insurance information from the other Drivers License and Security Verification Form.
    Complete all information on both sides of this report form. Type or print with black ink.
    Your information should be listed in the Unit 1 section. Information for the other vehicle shall be indicated as Unit 2.
    Use additional report forms when more than two (2) vehicles are involved. Change unit numbers to 3,4, ect.
    Contact your insurance company as soon as possible.
    Complete report forms can be dropped off at any Tulsa Police Department Division or mailed/dropped off to:

Tulsa Police Department
Records Division
600 Civic Center
Tulsa, Ok 74103
(918) 596-9288.

8. Report should be completed within 24 hours.